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We are one of the leading Quality manufactures of Wheat Flour & Refined Wheat Flour products in India. The products include Wheat Flour, Refined Wheat Flour, Semolina, and Bran. We supply certified non-GMO products only as we are adhere to international standards. Our plant is equipped with Latest Turkish machinery producing quality wheat products, selected from the finest grains procured from states of Haryana, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Our raw material is used in different food industry such as : Biscuits, Bakery, Fast food, Dough and Daily essential. Our Finished products are used in the manufacturing of Biscuits, cookies, pizzas, pasta, bhature, breads & buns, and bakery products, by our customers across India.

Wheat Flour

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Maa Ka Haath Ke Khana Ka Ahsaas, Kahin Bhi , Kabhi Bhi Norang Ka Saath !

Revolution in Grain Milling Process , using High Quality State of the Art Modern Turkish Machinery

Spread Over an Area Of 5 Acres . Our Flour Mill is Located in Sonipat District, Haryana India .

Norang Flour Mill is a trusted producer and supplier of Wheat Flour (Chakki Fresh Atta), Refined Wheat Flour(Maida), bran(Chokar), and Semolina (Sooji) products in India. We at Norang Flour Mills are constantly striving to exceed our customer's expectations through top quality controls, modern milling methods, expert packaging & shipping and timely order fulfillment .